Current projects:

Research themes:

The research of TOR encompasses different research projects that are organised in several research themes.

Research concerning Time and Society first of all includes time-use research which focuses on both the collection of time-use data and its use, as well as on their analyses, i.e. the daily time use of people. Secondly, TOR also conducts research about the structuring of life-course research.

Research into Culture and Society encompasses sociology of culture research, i.e. on consumption of culture, participation and production, and cultural sociology research, i.e. on the culture of society: representation and meaning, norms and attitudes, socialisation.

Research into Youth Sociology in TOR currently is mainly based on the Youth monitor, and focuses on the life world of youngsters, e.g. investigating homophobia, inequalities, expectations, among youngsters in Brussels.

Research concerning Sociology of Education focusses on educational socialisation.

Finally, research into Digitalisation and social relations focuses on the impact of digital technologies for cultural practices, social norms and societal power relations.