Juggling three life spheres: reconciling work, family and politics

Emery, L., P. Meier, D. Mortelmans (2017): Juggling three life spheres: reconciling work, family and politics. Community, Work & Family, : 1-17 - TOR 2017/18.


In the field of work–life balance, most research focuses on the reconciliation of role-related expectations that derive from the work and family spheres. This article aims to identify coping strategies that reconcile life spheres in situations that go beyond the classic two-sphere framework. We analyze the actual coping behavior of individuals juggling three life spheres by studying local Flemish politicians. The strategies that were found in this study were communication with family, recognizing priorities within the political sphere, consciously creating time for family moments, downsizing and segregating the life spheres. The results suggest that women usually remain the manager of the household, which reinforces traditional gender roles.