PHD Survey VUB 2018

Glorieux, A., P. te Braak, J. Minnen, B. Spruyt (2018): PHD Survey VUB 2018. Brussel: Onderzoeksgroep TOR, Vakgroep Sociologie, Vrije Universiteit Brussel (56 blz.) - TOR 2018/35.


In 2017, the Central PhD office of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) organised a pilot study at several faculties to measure the working conditions and overall satisfaction of the PhD candidates. Together with the participating Doctoral Schools and faculties, the Central PhD office aimed at gaining more insight into the needs of the PhD candidates and wanted to measure to what extend these needs were being met. An additional goal of this study is to identify the PhD candidates that potentially need some help to improve their work quality and to increase the probability to successfully complete their PhD. 

In 2018, the same study was conducted. This time on a bigger scale: all faculties and Doctoral Schools were included in the survey. The main research goal remained the same. We wanted to learn more about what aspects of the PhD trajectory are already positively evaluated and what aspects need more support and attention. With this information, we can make sure more PhD candidates are satisfied during their trajectory and can complete the PhD process successfully. We also compared the results of this year with the results of the pilot study. Notable differences are discussed in the report.


Download: PHD Survey VUB 2018