Not Enough Time? Leisure and Multiple Dimensions of Time Wealth

Mullens, F., I. Glorieux (2020): Not Enough Time? Leisure and Multiple Dimensions of Time Wealth. Leisure Sciences [Online First], DOI: 10.1080/01490400.2020.1805656, - TOR 2020/23.


Research on leisure and time poverty has mainly focused on the duration of time and on the profile of the time poor. Using the 2013 Flemish Time-Use Data, this article investigates the influence of multiple dimensions of time wealth on leisure activities and leisure patterns for the working population. The four temporal dimensions used are leisure duration, leisure during the weekend, fragmentation of leisure, and subjective feeling of time pressure. Additionally, the article investigates if these dimensions affect working women and men differently. Findings indicate a significant association of the duration of leisure with many other leisure variables. However, other dimensions such as fragmentation of leisure seem to also play a significant role in shaping leisure patterns. Differentiating between working women and men especially made us reflect on the different effect of fragmentation for the leisure of men and women.

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